GW STICK 3.36 (410NiMo)

EN 14343-A: W 13 4


Rod ER410NiMo, with an approximate content of 12Cr4.5Ni 0.55Mo. With a lower content in chromium and higher in nickel than the ER410 wire, without ferrite in the micro structure, as well as the prejudicial effect over the mechanical properties. Recommended for martensitic steels welding with excellent resistance to corrosion, hydrocavitation, etc.


DimensionsKg/PcGas type
1,6 mm x 1000 mm5 kgArgon
2,0 mm x 1000 mm5 kgArgon
2,4 mm x 1000 mm5 kgArgon
3,2 mm x 1000 mm5 kgArgon

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